Friday, September 22

Moong Dal Wadi And Aaloo Sabji.

Moong Dal Wadi And Aaloo Sabji. Wadi is so versatile can be cooked in dry Sabji or the gravy with any veggie's of your choice. This wadi makes a very delicious pulao or even briyani. Wadi can be made in bulk and store for few months. I'll post the recipe for how to make wadi in my next post.

1 cup moong dal wadi
2 potato (cut into big chunks)
2 medium size onion, 2 green chilly, 2 medium size tomato (finely chopped)
1/2tsp turmeric, 1tsp coriander powder, 1tsp red chilly powder, 1tsp garam masala
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
1/2tsp cumin seeds
1 green cardamom, 1 clove, 1 cinnamon stick
2 bay leaves
2 dry red chillies
2tbsp oil + 2tbsp for frying wadi and potato
Salt as per taste.

Cooking Method
In a pressure cooker, add 2tbsp oil and fry the wadi and potato to golden brown and keep it aside.
In the same pressure cooker, add the rest of the oil, cumin, bay leaves, dry red chillies, cardamom, cloves and cinnemon, when they splutter, add onion and chilly fry till it become’s golden brown, add all the masala powder and ½ cup water fry till it starts leaving oil, add tomato and cook till all the masala has come together, that will take about 5 to 6 minutes.
Then add wadi, potato, salt and mix. Add another 2cup of water, cover the lid and cook for 2 whistle (1 in high flame and 2 in low flame).
Garnish with coriander leafs
Serve with Ghee Rice, Plain Rice or Jeera Rice and Roti.

Thursday, September 21

Moong Dal Kachori.

Moong Dal Kachori is a easy to make and very very tasty to have with hot cup a tea for a breakfast or as a evening snacks. This recipe is sitting in my draft from ages, Since the climate is getting cold here so I think it's a right time to post this recipe.. I have taken this recipe from and thanks to her for such a awesome recipe. Do try and let me know.

Ingredient's For Filling.
1cup moong dal (soaked for 2 hours)
1tbsp finely chopped ginger garlic
2 finely chopped green chillies
Pinch of Hing
1/2 tsp fennel powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp dry mango powder
1/2tsp turmeric, 1/2tsp coriander powder, 1/2tsp red chilli powder
2tbsp oil
Salt to taste.

Ingredient's For Dough.
2 cup Maida (all purpose flour)
1/4 cup oil
Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
Take maida in a big bowl, add salt and oil and mix well. Now add little water at a time and knead soft dough same as required for making chapatti. Don't knead the dough too much. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 15-20 minutes to set. Meanwhile prepare stuffing.

Coarsely ground the soaked moong dal. Set it aside, Preheat pan and add 2tbsp oil in it. When oil is hot, add cumin seeds and saute for while. After sauteing cumin seeds add hing, green chilly, red chilli powder, coriander powder, ginger garlic, fennel powder and saute the spices for few minutes. Now add grounded dal, salt, garam masala and dry mango powder. Mix all ingredients really well. Stir constantly and cook dal until it dries. Take out the roasted dal in a bowl and allow to cool. 

Take little amount of dough, equal to size of lemon, and roll to a round shape. Take one dough ball and flatten it with help of your fingers giving it a shape like bowl. Now fill this bowl with 1 tsp stuffing and lift from all sides for sealing the stuffing. Likewise prepare all kachoris. 

Preheat a enough oil in a deep frying pan for frying kachoris. Oil should be medium hot for frying kachoris and now roll the stuffed dough ball with your hand or fingers gently into thick kachori. Place the kachori in medium hot oil for frying. Place as many kachoris as possible in the wok at one time. Flip the side when kachoris turn puffy and are slightly brown from beneath. Keep flipping the kachoris and fry until they turn golden brown in color. Keep the flame low and medium, to get crunchy and crusty kachoris. Place the fried kachoris over a plate with absorbent paper. Likewise fry all kachoris.
Serve kachoris with green coriander chutney or sweet chutney or you can even eat them as it.

Wednesday, September 20

Mix Vegetables Curry. (Pressure-cooker Version)

Mix Vegetables Curry this is such a incredibly delicious recipe, which can go with everything like Rice, Paratha, Naan or Roti. It doesn't take long time to cook, put all the ingredients in a mixture grinder to make a smooth paste and then add it to the chopped veggie's and pressure cook for 2 whistle. That's it. Do try and let me know.

Ingredient's For Paste.
1 large onion, 2 large tomato
Handful of coriander leaves
1 cup chopped coconut
1tbsp ginger garlic paste.

Ingredient's For Curry.
2 cups of chopped veggie's (cauliflower, Potato, Capsicum, Beans, Field beans, Peas)
Handful methi leaves
1tsp red chilly powder, 1/2tsp turmeric, 1tsp coriander powder, 1tsp garam masala
3tbsp Oil
Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
In a mixer jar, add all the Paste ingredients and grind it to a smooth paste. Keep it aside
In a pressure cooker add oil, when oil hot, add red chilly powder, then add the ground paste and fry for a minute.
Now add the turmeric, coriander powder, garam masala, Methi Leafs and chopped veggie's and give it a quick mix, add salt and 1/2cup of water. Then close the pressure cooker lid and cook for 2 whistle. Allow the pressure to go before opening the cooker.
serve hot with Rice, Roti, Naan or Paratha.

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