Monday, July 14

Green Masala Chicken Curry..

Green Masala Chicken Curry. Nowadays days I'm just experiment with chicken to create a new dish every time and to be honest every time my new dish is coming out very tasty. This time I was trying to cook Hyderbadi Green Chilli Chicken, but the amount of green chilli we use in that recipe I was afraid that my hubby will not be able to eat. So I change the plan and made this green masala chicken curry, actually it has the same ingredients what we use for green chilli chicken but less green chillis. It is a great dish for the people who loves spicy food and it is quite simple recipe to make. It goes well with Steam Rice, Coconut Rice or Roti..

1/2 kg chicken (cut into medium pieces)
1 medium onion (thinly sliced)
1cup chopped coriander leaves
1/2cup chopped mint leaves
5 to 6 green chilis
8 to 10 curry leafs
1 bay leaves
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
3tbsp Oil
Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
Wash and drain the water of chicken and set it aside.
In a deep frying pan/kadai, add oil, bay leaves and onion, fry the onion for minute or 2. Then add chicken and salt, mix them and allow the chicken water to evaporate.
In a mean time add all the rest of the ingredients into a mixer jar and make a smooth paste by adding little water.
Now add the grounded masala to chicken and 1/4cup of water, give a good mix and check for the salt. Then close the lid and cook till all the masala is coated well to the chicken and it has a think gravy. That will take about 15 to 20 minutes.
Serve hot with Rice, Coconut Rice, Naan, Kerala Poratha or Roti's.

Thursday, July 3

Pepper Chicken Chettinad.

Pepper Chicken Chettinad is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India. The Chettinad cuisine is known for spicy and the most aromatic dishes in India. In this dish black pepper play the major role for the spices and I have tried cooking this dish without black pepper too and it taste as good as this dish. This dish has one speciality ever time you cook it taste different and Pepper chicken chettinad can be cooked as dry or even with gravy. This is very easy dish with less ingredients and it take hardly 20 to 25 minutes to cook and it goes well with roti. I prefer with roti but you try with anything rice, roti, naan.

1/2kg chicken (cut into medium pieces)
1 big onion, 2 green chilli, 2 large tomatos (finely chopped)
1tbsp ground black pepper
1tsp ginger garlic paste
1tsp red chilli powder, 1/2tsp turmeric, 1tsp coriander powder
1tsp garam masala, 1tsp chicken masala (any brand)
1/2tsp mustard seeds
10 curry leaves
1tsp lemon juice
Oil and Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
In a deep frying pan/kadai, add oil and fry mustard seeds and curry leaves, then add onion, green chilli and fry for golden brown. Add turmeric, salt and chicken, fry for 2 to 3minutes. Then add red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala, chicken masala and ginger garlic paste, fry for another 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the tomato and cook for 7 to 8 minutes or till all the masala is coated well to the chicken and oil starts floating on top and you have a thick gravy. finally add black pepper and lemon juice and give a quick stir and allow the chicken to simmer on a low flame for few seconds.
Serve hot with Naan. Roti or Rice.

Kerala Roast Chicken.

Kerala Roast Chicken is the very famous Kerala side dish and you get in all the small or big restaurant in all parts of Kerala and every body has there own way of cooking this dish. I have adopted this recipe from YouTube vah-re-vah chef and made some little changes and this spicy and flavourful dish has become hit in my family. Now I cook this dish in many ways, is not only you have use chicken you can even use prawns, eggs, mutton or even liver and every thing taste will delicious. Make this spicy and flavour roast chicken and serve with Kerala paratha, naan or plain rice.

Ingredient's to Marinate.
1/2kg chicken (cut into medium pieces)
1tsp red chilli powder, 1/2tsp turmeric
1tsp coriander powder, 1tsp garam masala
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
1tbsp lemon juice.
(Mix all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl and marinate the chicken for atleast 1 to 2 hours)

Ingredient's to Roast Chicken.
1 large onion (thinly slice)
2tbsp grated coconut
10 curry leaves
4 whole green chillis
1/4tsp cumin
1/2tbsp ground black pepper
Oil and Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
In a deep frying pan/kadai, add oil, when oil is hot add cumin, onion and fry till light brown, add curry leaves and coconut fry for 1 to 2minutes.
Then add marinated chicken and salt, mix it well and cook for 10 to 15 minutes on a medium flame with the lid on. After that open the lid and start roasting on a high flame, once all the water is evaporated and masala is coated well to the chicken, add the green chillis and ground black pepper and roast till the chicken has become golden brown and that will take about 3 to 4 minutes. Then sprinkle some more lemon juice and Serve hot with Kerala paratha, Naan, Plain rice.

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