Wednesday, February 10

Green Peas Gravy (Aaloo Mutter Sabji)

Even though vegetarian diet is still not very popular, mutter sabji stands out as one of a kind. It is typically cooked in the indian method, you get to see it cooked in different ways. try out my way of cooking spicy aaloo Mutter Gravy.... i am sure u'll also like it.......:-)

1cup Mutter, 2 potato
1 onion chopped
Coriander leafs choped
2 tomato chopped
2tbs red chilly powder, 1/2tbs turmeric, 1tbs garam masala
Oil 3tbs
Salt as per taste

Cooking Method
Cut the potato in to small pieces
In a frying pan add mutter,potato and salt, fry it to the litte brown and keep it separate
In other deep frying pan add oil, onion,coriander leafs, fry it to golden brown
Add all the masala's and fry till leaves oil
Add fried mutter, potato, tomato, salt and 2 cup of water, cook till it become's thick gravy..
Garnish and Serve with (Rice, Roti, Dosa)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rumana

Yummy... It is my favourite recipe.. iam going to try this.. good keep posting new recipe so that i can try all....
good luck


Anonymous said...


Wow good one.. looks tasty.. good luck


Cooking Rookie said...

A very nice recipe - I want to try ;-).
Thanks for sharing!

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