Wednesday, February 3

Aaloo Paratha

2 medium size Potato
1 small size onion
2 green chilly
few coriander and curry leafs
1tbs of mustard seeds
1tbs of Turmeric powder
2tbs of Vegetable oil
2 cup of flour
1 cup of curd
salt as per taste

Cooking Steps
Boil potato for 10minutes, it should be well cooked so it is easy to mash
chop the onion and chilly in to small pieces
heat up the oil in frying pan
saute 1tbs of mustard seeds and curry leafs
add onion , green chilly and coriander leafs
Add Turmeric powder,mash potato and salt then fry for 3min and keep it aside
prepare dough using flour
make 1 small size of roti and fill the stuffing and close it gently
roll it over slightly to make a round shape
put paratha in a pre heated pan and cook it both the side using oil/butter
take a curd in a small bowl and add little bit of red chilly powder and salt for taste
Serve it hot hot with curd and pickle.


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