Monday, February 8

Cabbage Sabji (Band Gobi)

Cooking Cabbage sabji is very easy, i like to eat cabbage but my husband never likes cabbage, one day i just thought of cooking this sabji and giving him a surprise, and he made me surprise by eating it all and he really liked it and now he enjoye's eating cabbage... so i wanted to share this receipe with all of u, specially who dont like eating cabbage... Iam sure after trying my receipe they will also like it... :-)

1/2 cabbage, 2 potato
1 onion, 2 tomato
2 green chilly (optinal)
Coriander leafs as per ur requirment
1&1/2tbs red chilly powder, 1tbs turmeric
1 small size cardamom

Cooking Method
Cut the cabbage and potato in small picese
Make a paste of onion, coriander and tomato
In a pre heated pan add oil, add onion, coriander and tomato paste fry it for 2mints
Add the masala and fry till starts leaving oil
Then add cut cabbage, potato, salt and 1cup of water mix it up nicely
Cover the lid and cook it for 15mints
Serve it with Roti
Cabbage saji is ready to Serve.


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