Wednesday, February 17

Fish Fry Bangda (Mackerel)

I have chosen Bangda (Mackerel). However the method is the same for any fish.
I hope you'll find Pomphret Fish easier ! Happy Cooking !

4 pieces of Fish (Any)
3tbs red chilly Powder
1tbs Garam masala
1/2tbs turmeric, 1/2tbs coriander powder
1/2tbs Ginger garlic paste
2tbs lemon juice
Oil as per required
Salt as per taste

For Garnishing
Coriander leafs
1 onion
1 lemon
1 red or green chilly

Cooking Method
Make a paste of all the masala powder, add salt, lemon, ginger garlic paste, mix it up
Then apply it on the fish both the side (In n out), Keep it in the fridge for 1hour
Heat up the frying Pan (Tava) add oil, when oil is hot, place the Fish on tava
Fry both the side to golden brown
Garnish with coriander,onion, lemon and chilly
Serve hot with (Drinks, Roti, or as a side dish).


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