Tuesday, February 16

Kaddu Paliya (Pumpkin)

1/2 pumpkin
1 onion (chopped)
2 green chilly (chopped)
3 dry red chilly
coriander leafs (chopped)
1tbs turmeric, 1/2tbs coriander powder
1/2tbs ginger garlic paste
Salt as per the taste

For tempering
1/2tbs musturd seeds
Curry leafs

Cooking Method
Cut the pumpkin in to small pieces
Heat up the deep fry pan add oil, musturd and curry leafs, when they splutter add red chilly fry it to brown
Add onion, green chilly, and coriander leafs, fry for 2 minutes
Add turmeric, coriander and ginger garlic paste, after 20sec, add pumpkin, salt mix it up, cover the lid and cook till the pumpkin is soft....
Garnish with coriander leafs, Serve with Roti.


Peggy said...

sounds delicious! pumpkin and Indian spices go so great together in my opinion!

rashmi said...

u blog looks very nice...this is my first visit to ur blog...

do visit mine when u find time...

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