Saturday, February 6

Khichdi (Mix Vegetable Rice)

3cup of rice or (Basmati rice)
2 medium size potato
1cup cut Gobi (Cauliflower)
1cup Mutter
1cup toor dal
1 medium size onion
2 green chilly
1 medium size tomato
Ginger garlic paste 1tbs
Turmeric powder 1tbs, garam masala 1tbs
Vegetable oil 3tbs

Cooking method
Cut the onion,chilly,tomato,potato and gobi in to small pieces
Heat up the frying pan add oil, add onion , green chilly and ginger garlic paste fry till it gets golden brown, then add masala and tomato cook till it starts leaving oil , then add toor dal, add cut vegetable and salt cook it for a 3mint. Add rice and 3cup of water
Add 1tbs Ghee for a taste
serve it with a (Pickel and Omlette)
Khichdi is ready to serve


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