Thursday, February 4

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is a delicious South Indian dish it is very easy to cook, you can easily put together when in a hurry. You can also make it with leftover rice. Serve Lemon Rice with a Raita (yogurt salad)

Basmati Rice 1 cup
Oil 1 tbsp.
Mustard seeds 1 tsp(optional)
Green chillies 4 nos.
Ginger 1' inch piece finely chopped
Tumeric 1tsp
Salt To taste
Lemon juice 1/4 cup
Peanuts 1/2 cup
Coriander seeds 1tsp

Cooking Method
Wash rice, Cook & allow it to cool. Dry roast the coriander seeds. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, ginger, chillies, peanuts, tumeric fry till every thing is cooked completely. Add salt , Off the stove & add the lemon juice. Add rice & finally mix in coriander. Serve with Chips or any Pappad of your choice. Lemon rice is ready to serve....


Anonymous said... looks so yummyyyy :)


Ann Minard said...

This is very similar to Italian Lemon Risotto!

Rumana Rawat said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for comment. It's so exciting to know that it similar to italian food:-)

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