Tuesday, February 9

Mushroom Pepper Fry

Mushrooms earthy flavor and meaty texture, adds substance to many vegetarian dishes. I used the button mushrooms for this dish. They are mild in taste, have white caps and short stems. the combination of mushroom and pepper is delicious.. before i use to never eat mushroom, one day i tried mushroom in restaurant and it was very tasty from that day i started eating and cooking mushroom...

1 bowl button mushroom
1 onion, 2 chilly (Chopped)
2tbs pepper powder
1tbs red pepper powder
1/2tbs turmeic , 1/2tbs coriander powder

For tempering
1/2tbs mustard seeds
Curry leafs (optional)
Garnish with red and green chilly

Cooking Method
Cut the mushroom in to 2picese
In a bowl add cut mushroom, pepper, red pepper, turmeric, coriander powder and salt, mix it up and keep it aside
In a deep frying pan add oil, mustard and curry leafs when they splutter, add onion and green chilly fry it to litte brown
Add mushroom and fry it to golden brown
Serve as a Side Dish or with Drinks


quickies on the dinner table said...

I love mushrooms and that's a different way to prepare them. Is this dish Keralan style/origin? I think I would like this dish very much.

Pavithra Srihari said...

Very yummy

Cooking Rookie said...

These look yummy!

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