Thursday, March 11

Brinjal Deep Fry (Egg Plant)

Most people don’t like taking brinjal but it can be quite delicious if cooked in the right way. I like brinjals and they are one of the many few vegetable I really enjoy. One of favorite item is the Roasted brinjals and I would like to share the recipe which makes it just mouth watering and irresistible.
The recipe called Fried Brinjal with Rawa is very nice and it gives different taste, which is very good. it can be a very good combination with the Bread, Roti, Drinks, and even with the Plane Rice and Rasam as a side dish.. I have to be very choosy in veg and even in non veg also , bceause of my husband. He dont like eating many vegetable there only few which is like's to eat.. On last weekend i made this brinjal fry with Rice and Rasam. He like it and told me to cook this when ever i feel like. Nowadys iam being lucky enough to cook food what ever he like's it.. Thank God. This is a very simple recipe, specially for Egg Plant (Brinjal) lover's....

2 egg plant (Brinjal) 
8 to 9 tbs dry rost Rawa 
1tbs redchilly powder, 1tbs turmeric, 1tbs garam masala, 1/2tbs ginger garlic paste 
1/2tbs Black pepper powder (Optional) 
2tbs lemon juice 
Oil for deep fry 
Salt to taste 

For Garnishing
Coriander leafs 

Cooking Method
Wash and slice the egg plantMake a paste of all the spices, and apply it on the egg plant 
Then add the lemon juice on the egg plant from top, and keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes 
Now sprinkle dry rost rawa on the egg plant, and keep it aside for 5minutes 
In a deep fry pan add oil, when the oil is hot, deep fry egg plant (Brinjal) to the golden brown. 
Garnish, and Serve hot with Bread, Roti, Drinks, and even with the Plane Rice and Rasam as a side dish.. 


Isabelle said...

I love eggplant. This looks delicious!

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