Wednesday, March 17

Cabbage Sabji (Band Gobi Stir Fry )

It is good to add cabbage into your diet as it helps you reduce weight. Cabbage is one of the negative calorie food. Meaning that when you eat cabbage, the energy that you spend in digesting cabbage is more than what you are getting from that cabbage. So do not forget to add it to your meals regularly in soups, rice, subjis or in snack items.Cabbage (Band Gobi) is a rich source of Vitamin C,E and folic acid. Serve this simple veggie with hot Chapatis (Indian flatbread) and a tangy pickle.

1 medium size cabbage (Shred finely) 
1/2 cup mutter 
1/2 cup channa dal 
1 onion, 2 red chillies, 1 tomato (chopped) 
4 to 5 stem of coriander leafs (chopped) 
5 garlic cloves (finely chopped) 
2tbsp coconut powder or grinded coconut 
1/2tbsp musturd seeds, 1/2tbsp cinnamon seeds, 1 tbsp turmeric powder 
4 to 5 dry red chillies (optional) 
Salt, Oil to taste.

Cooking Method
Boil channa dal and mutter with little bit of salt for 5minutes 
Meanwhile, heat oil in a deep frying pan, add musturd, cinnemon seeds, dry red chillies and garlic, saute to golden brown 
Add onion and chopped red chillies, once the onion starts leaving oil, add turmeric and tomato, fry it for another 1minute 
Then add boiled channa dal and mutter, mix it and allow dal and mutter to cook for 2 to 3 minutes, because dal and mutter can soak the masala. 
Now add cabbage, coconut powder and 1/2 cup water, mix it together and check for salt, and add salt if needed 
Cook the cabbage till it is completely cooked 
Garnish with coriander leafs 
Serve with Roti, Dosa, or as a side Dish.


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Hi Rumana,
I have seen on the internet that you are running the Cooking Classes at Kaggadaspura in Bangalore. I would like to join them to learn cooking. Sadly, I havent got any phone number/contact details. Could you please leave a message for me here so i can check and contact you. Thank you :)
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