Thursday, March 18

Puliogare (Tamarind Rice)

To make Puliogare you first need to make Puli Kachal or the Tamarind Paste. If properly prepared, this can be stored for a very long time just like any pickle. It can be mixed with rice anytime you want Puliogare. Stored in a fridge, Puli Kachal can last over 8 months... Tamarind rice is a very popular in Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka. It is spicy, sour, and typically served all by itself or accompanied by salad. You may like the puliogare with boiled Egg, because it taste delicious with Egg. If your planning a short time trip then dont forget to pack Puliogare, because without Puliogare your picknick will be not complete. My picknic will never be complete without my favourite puliogare..:-)

2cups Rice
A small ball of tamarind
8 to 10 Curry leaves
A few peppercorns
5 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2tbsp mustard seeds
A pinch of methi seeds
4 tbsp groundnuts roasted
50 gm split black gram
50 gm split bengal gram
2 to 4 dry red chilies.

Cooking Method
Cook the rice with salt. Cool slightly. Soak tamarind in water and extract its juice. Roast black gram (channa dal), Bengal gram (urad dal) and red chilies separately and coarsely grind them together. Heat oil, add asafetida, mustard, peppercorns, ground nuts, garlic and curry leaves. When mustard splutters, add the tamarind extract, powdered splices and salt, and cook till all water thickens. Mix the tamarind mixture thoroughly with the rice. Serve with boiled Egg and Tamarind Chutney.


Tina said...

First time to ur blog..Tamarind rice looks delicious and tempting..

Anonymous said...


I was searching for some recipe in Google and came across your blog. I also live in Tokyo and am a huge fan of south Indian food. I am definitely going to try a few recipe fom your web site.

Warm Regards,

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