Sunday, March 14

Wheat Dosa

Easy, breezy and lacy - that’s how I’d describe wheat flour dosa. I prepare this traditional, instant dosa when I am low in appetite. Because this dont take much time to cook..

250g wheat flour 
2 tbs Rawa 
1/2tbs musturd seeds 
1/2tbs red chilly powder, 1/2tbs turmeric 
1 Green chilly, coriander leafs (Optional) 
1/8 tbs salt, baking soda 
Oil for preparing dosa.

Cooking Method
Mix the flour and rawa with salt, soda & water to prepare dosa batter 
Heat a tbs of oil, add musturd, green chilly, coriander leafs. saute for 30sec, & add this to batter, mix thoroughly 
Heat dosa pan, pour a laddleful of batter on the pan 
Spread the batter quickly in circular motion to prepare a round thin dosa 
Drizzle some oil over & around the edges 
Turn & allow it to get brown on the other side & remove. 
Serve with Chutney or Tomato salad 
Even without chutney it can be enjoyed as it is tempered.


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