Thursday, April 29

Spicy Prawn Fry

  • 20 to 25 prawn
  • 2tbsp red chilly powder, 1/2tbsp turmeric, 1/2tbsp garam masala
  • 1/2tbsp chicken or mutten masala (optional)
  • 1/2tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 2tbsp lemon juice
  • Oil 2tbsp
  • Salt as per taste
Cooking Method
  • Clean the prawn thoroughly, and keep it aside
  • Take a mixing bowl , add all the masala's and ginger garlic paste, lemon juice and salt, make a thick paste of masala's. Then add the prawn mix it all together, keep it in the fridege for atleast 2 hours.
  • In a deep frying pan add oil, and fry the prawn untill golden brown
  • Serve hot with Tomato Sauce or as a Side Dish.

Wednesday, April 28

Spicy Raw Banana Chips

1 raw banana
1tbsp red chilly powder
1/2 tbsp turmeric, 1/2tbsp garam masala
Oil for deep frying
Salt as taste
Pepper powder.

Cooking Method
Peel of the banana skin very gently and cut it in to a circle shape
In mixing bowl add all the masala's , salt and banana. mix it all together, and set it a side for 20 to 30 minutes. You have to be very gentle while mixing it because banana will break easily.
In a deep frying pan add oil, when the oil is hot add marinated banana, and fry till they turn golden brown.
Then take it a small plate and sprinkle some pepper powder from top.
Serve with tomato sauce or chilly sauce.

Vegetable Dal

1cup toor dal
1 eggplant, 1 capsicum, 1cup chopped beans
1 small onion, 2 tomato, 2 green chilly (Chopped)
1tbs turmeric

For tempering
1/2tbs cinnamon/jeera
1/2tbs mustard seeds
3 dry red chillies
2 garlic cloves

Cooking Method
Take a pressure cooker add dal, chopped onion, tomato, chilly, turmeric, salt and 2cup of water and boil it for 20minutes in a medium flame
In the mean time boil the vegetable separately with salt and cup of water
When the dal is cooked add the boiled vegetable, mix it gentely and set it aside
In a small frying pan add 2tbs oil and add cinnamon and mustard seeds when splutter add garlic and red chillies, saute to gloden brown
Then add the tempering in to dal and cover the lid and cook it for another 5minutes.
Garnish with coriander leafs
Serve hot with Rice

    Monday, April 26

    Aaloo Meethi Ki Sabji ( Fenugreek Seeds And Potato stir Fry)

    Fenugreek is a commonly used flavoring food product. The herb is rich in vitamins and minerals. Leaves and seeds contain calcium, phosphorus, few vitamins from B-complex group in addition to vitamin C. It is also rich source of iron. Fenugreek seeds is one of the earliest spices known to man. Fresh fenugreek leaves are beneficial in the treatment of indigestion, flatulence and a sluggish liver.

    3 medium size potato
    1 onion finely chopped
    4 garlic cloves chopped
    8 curry leafs
    4 dry red chilly (broken in to 2pieces)
    1tbs meethi seeds (Fenugreek seeds)
    1/2tbs musturd seeds
    1/2tbs turmeric, 1/2tbs garam masala
    Oil, Salt as per taste
    1tbsp coriander leafs for garnishing.

    Cooking Method
    Cut the potato in to small piece
    Heat oil in deep frying pan, add meethi, fry to golden brown
    Add musturd, curryleafs, and garlic, when they start spluttering, add red chilly, fry it for 10sec
    Then add onion, turmeric, and garam masala, keep stirring continuously for 15sec
    Add the cut potato, salt and 1/2 cup of water, mix it well
    Cook till the potato is cooked and start turning in to golden brown
    Grnish with coriander leafs
    Serve with Roti or Poori.

    Sunday, April 25

    Aaloo Gobi Ki Sabji

    1 medium size Cauliflower 
    2 medium size Potato
    Half onion, 2 small size of green chilly, 1 tomato (Chopped)
    1tbs of red chilly powder(or as per taste)
    1/2tbs of turmeric powder
    1/2tbs of coriander powder
    1tbs of Sabji Masala (any brand like Everest,MDH..)
    Vegetable oil as per req
    Salt as per the taste
    Coriander leafs for garnishing.

    Cooking Steps
    Cut the cauliflower,potato in medium size pieces
    Make a thick paste of chilly powder,turmeric,coriander powder and sabji masala
    Heat 1tbsp of oil in frying pan, fry potato and gobi with a bit of salt to lite brown and set it aside
    In a same pan add 2tbsp oil and saute onion and green chilly for 3min, then add masala and fry till it starts leaving oil, add tomato fry for 2min
    then add the fried vegetables and 1/2 cup of water and cook it for 5to10min.
    Serve hot hot with Roti or Rice...

    Thursday, April 22

    Roasted Sevai

    Roasted Sevai is one of the easiest dessert to cook and it tastes also very good. There are 2 different versions you can make in this same method. First is soft and Second is crispy.To make soften add more milk and for crispy less milk. What i have prepared here is the crispy one. They just taste like soampapdi when they are crispy. This is my dad favorite dessert, my hubby had never tasted this before. Y'day i got suddenly in my mind to cook this sevai, so that he will also eat different sweet.My hubby's all time favorite is sweet's and only sweet's. He loves to eat lot of sweets and that motivates me to cook different flavours of it because i know that my effort will not go waste and he will eat it...hehehehe:-

    100gram thin sevai
    3tbsp ghee
    5 to 6tbsp milk (Milk is just to soften the sevai)
    Sugar as per taste
    5tbsp dry fruits (Cashew, Almond, Rinsin)

    Cooking Method
    In a deep broad pan add 2tbsp ghee, and dry fruits, sauté for few seconds
    Then add sevai, roast with ghee and dry fruits for 10 to 15 sec. (keep in mind when you are mixing sevai low the flame, other wise it will stick to the pan)
    After roasting for few seconds, add milk, 1tbsp ghee, and keep stirring till they are crispy. (if need u can take off the stove and mix it)
    Lastly switch off the stove, add sugar from top and close the lid, mix well before serving
    Serve warm or cold.

    Tuesday, April 20

    Spicy Peanuts

    • 100gram Peanuts
    • 1 small onion, 2 green chillies chopped
    • 2 garlic cloves finely chopped
    • 2tbsp coriander leafs
    • 1/2tbsp mustard seeds, 1/2tbsp mix of red chilly powder and turmeric
    • 2tbsp oil
    • Salt as per taste

    Cooking Method

    • Clean the peanuts. Heat 1tbsp oil in a broad pan and add peanuts, roast them to light brown in color and set aside
    • In a same pan add 1tbsp oil, mustard , cloves, when they start spluttering , add onion and green chillies, sauté  for 2 to 3 minutes , then add red chilly and turmeric powder, fry for 10sec
    • Now add peanuts and salt mix all together and fry another 2 minutes.
    • Garnish with Coriander leafs and Serve with Tea or Drinks.

    Sunday, April 18

    Suji Ka Halwa (Rawa Sweet)

    Suji Ka Halwa is one of the very famous deserts in north India, and my hubby's favorite too. He loves to eat sweet's. Last sunday he just told me to prepare suji ka halwa. This was my first attempt to cook suji ka halwa, i leart how to cook halwa from my SIL (Sister In-Law). I followed the same steps and guess what, it was tasty the way my husband use to eat in his home. I am always in a learning process to cook north indian dishes.Before my marriage,i had never thought that i have to learn all this. Cooking was not at all my cup of tea, nowadays i always think what to cook next..

    1 cup rawa
    1/2cup milk
    4tbsp ghee
    Sugar as per the taste 5tbsp dry fruits (Almond, Cashew and Rinsin)

    Cooking Method
    Heat a broad pan, add 3tbsp ghee and rawa. Keep stirring continuously till it becomes golden brown, Then remove from the pan and set a side to cool it down. Clean the same pan from kitchen towel, and add 1tbsp ghee and 3tbsp dry fruits, sauté for few sec, add milk, roasted rawa, and sugar keep stirring continuously till the rawa is soften.
    Granish with left over dry fruits and Serve warm or cold.

    Wednesday, April 14

    Prawn Gravy

    1 bowl cleaned prawn
    1/2 bowl cut potato and bean
    1 onion, 2 green chillies, 1 tomato, 3 tbsp coriander leafs (chopped)
    2tbsp curd, 1tbsp lemon juice
    1tbsp red chilli powder, 1/2tbsp turmeric, 1/2tbsp coriander powder, 1/2tbsp garam masala
    1/2tbsp mustard seeds
    1tbsp ginger garlic paste
    3 garlic cloves finely chopped
    Salt to taste
    Oil 4tbsp.

    Cooking Method
    Marinate the prawn with lemon juice, 1/2tbsp chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala, and binch of salt, set it aside for 20 to 30 minutes.
    In a deep frying pan add oil, mustard seeds, and garlic cloves, when splutter, add onion and ginger garlic paste, saute onion for 2 minutes. Then add the potato and bean with a binch of salt, cook till they are soften.
    Add green chillies, 1/2tbsp redchillies powder and turmeric powder, tomato, cook for 1 minute
    Now add marinated prawn, curd, 1cup of water. add salt if req, mix all together gentely and add coriander leafs from top, cover the lid and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.
    Serve hot with Roti and Rice.

    Tuesday, April 13

    My Second Awards

    Awards Time, Awards Time...
    This is my second Award, as usual i woke up in the morning and saw my blog. There was lot of awards waiting for me on Pavithra Srihari's blog.... She is a very adorable having unique and healthy recipe's on her blog. I am very honored to receive this awards from her... Many Thanks to Pavithra Srihari of Binge On Veg.

    I would like to share this awards with my blogger friends. Yummy O Yummy of Yummy Team, Jay of Tasty appetite, Gita Jaishankar of Gitas kitchen, Kairali Sister of Cookingwithkairalisisters, Sathya Sridhar of Samayalcorner, Suhaina of Mysingaporekitchen. 

    Sunday, April 11

    Palak Dal (Spinach Leafs)

    Spinach is thought to be native to Southwest Asia and unknown to the Greeks and Romans. First cultivated by the Persians, it is now cultivated throughout the world, with the exception of the tropics. Although grown in China for centuries. Spinach leafs known for high Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and its Vitamin Content. Definitely a good choice to add to your menu. and it is very good for health... and it is again a easy to cook dish..

    2 bunch of palak 
    1cup toor dal 
    1 small onion 
    2 tomato 
    2 green chilly 
    1tbs turmeric 

    For tempering
    1/2tbs cumin/jeera 
    1/2tbs mustard seeds.

    Cooking Method
    Cut the onion,chilly,tomato in to small picese 
    Take a pressure cooker and add chopped palak,dal,cut vegetable,turmeric,salt and 2cup of water and boil it for 20minutes in a medium flam 
    In a small frying pan add 2tbs oil and add cinnamon and mustard seeds saute till it become's brown 
    After the dal is boiled, add the tempering in to dal and cover the lid and cook it for 5minutes.

    Thursday, April 8

    Black Chickpeas Simple Snacks

    1 small bowl of black channa
    1 onion, 2 green chillies (chopped)
    2tbsp chopped coriander leafs
    2tbsp lemon juice
    1/2tbsp musturd seeds
    1tbsp oil

    How to Prepare
    Soak the channa for 4 to 5hours. Boil channa with salt and water, after the channa is boiled remove the water, and set channa aside. In a big mixing bowl add chopped onion, chilli, coriandre leafs, lemon juice and salt. In a small frying pan add oil, musturd, when splutter. Add it in to the onion bowl. Then add boiled channa. Mix all together well..
    Serve with Tea or Drinks.

      Tuesday, April 6

      Sevai (Sheer Khurma)

      From almost 2 to 3 weeks i was thinking to prepare sevai. But i always postponed for it next day, yesterday i forced my self to cook it or else it will be delay to weekend. Yesterday it was a very good day for me, bcoz i got awards to my blog and i thought why not celebrate the day and make it special. This dish will not take much time. It is tasty to eat, and it takes less time to cook. I am sharing my happiness with all my blogger friends. Thanks alot for all ur support.

      1 cup thin sevai
      2cup milk
      4tbsp sugar
      2tbsp almond milk powder
      1 cardamom, 3tbsp ghee
      4 to 5 tbsp dry fruits (almond, cashew, Rinsin)

      Cooking Method
      In broad pan, add ghee, when the ghee is hot, add 2tbsp of dry fruits and cardamom, fry them to the lite golden brown
      Add milk, almond milk powder, mix it and bring to boil
      When the milk if boiling , low the flame and add sevai, allow them to cook for 2 to 3mintues
      Take of the stove and add sugar, and left over dry fruits and cover the lid. allow them to cool it down.
      Garnish with some more kismis (optional)
      Sreve Warm or Cold.

        Monday, April 5


        One of the days which i can not forget. As usual i checked my blog in the morning and got pleasant surprise from Yummy Team in the form of sunshine award, blog loving award and Honest scrap award. I am so happy today. Thanks alot to Yummy Team for passing these awards to SpiceUrSenses.


        Well as the rule to accept the Honest Scrap Award,
        • I am basically from Bangalore (India)
        • I am simple, decent, amiable, compassionate, and jovial girl
        • I love cooking , Eating, Travelling
        • I recently got married and came to Seoul with my hubby
        • We would be going back to India very soon, i am just counting on days to get over
        I would like to share these awards to my blogger friends. Tina of Kaipunyam, Gulmohar of CollaborativeCurry, Sarah Naveen of Vazhayila, Priya of Priya easy n tasty, Jagruti of Joyofcooking, Supriya nair of Mykookbook, Biren of Roti n Rice, Pavithra Srihari of Binge on Veg, Simply food of Simplysensationalfood, Cool Lassir of Pangravykadaicurry.

        Sunday, April 4

        Chilli Egg

        I got the idea of preparing chille egg from Sarah Naveen's blog.. I like her recipe so much, i thought why not give it try. I use my own ingredients to make it different and it was tasting very good.
        Thanks to SN for such a lovely recipe....

        4 eggs hard boiled 
        1 capsicum cut in to samll pieces 
        1 tbsp red chilli paste 
        1 tbsp green chilli paste 
        1" ginger finely chopped 
        2 cloves garlic finely chopped 
        1 medium onion finely chopped 
        A pinch of ajinomoto (mono sodium glutamate) 
        1tbsp soya sauce (optional) 
        1tbsp tomato sauce
        Oil for frying 
        Salt to taste 
        Spring onion for Garnishing.

        Cooking Method
        Peel the hard boiled eggs and deep fry in oil till the cover is crisp & brown. 
        Cut them into small piecse & keep aside. Heat a little oil in a pan. 
        Fry the chopped ginger & garlic pieces. Add chopped onions & fry well. 
        Add the capsicum and saute for 40sec 
        Then add the red chilli paste & green chilli paste, and ajinomoto, fry for 1 minute. Add soya sauce, tomato sauce, salt and let it boil for a while. 
        Now add the eggs and mix well till they are coated with the sauce completely. 
        Tastes good with Chinese Fried Rice or even with Roti/ Paratha. 
        Non egg eaters can use Potatoes instead of Eggs.

        Mutter Paratha (Green Peas Paratha)

        2 cups Boiled Green Peas
        3 cups Whole Meal Flour
        1 tsp Cumin Seeds
        5 Green chillies
        1/2 tsp Salt
        Ghee for frying
        Water as required

        How to make Green Peas Paratha:
        Grind the boiled green peas.
        Put a little ghee in a vessel and heat it to fry the cumin seeds.
        Now add green chillies and fry for a minute and then add the crushed peas and salt.
        Again cook the mixture for 1 minute and keep aside to cool.
        After the green peas mixture is cooled, add to the flour, and add 1tbsp ghee/oil to it.
        Make the dough by adding sufficient water.
        Knead the dough properly and roll out 10-12 pieces.
        Take a piece and flatten it on the floured board to give the shape of a roti.
        Put the paratha on a preheated skillet.
        Turn after cooking for 1-2 minute.
        After a minute apply ghee around the edges and turn again.
        Fry till the brownish color appears on both sides.
        Green peas paratha is ready. Serve it with Curd or Pickle.

          Friday, April 2

          Vegetable Briyani

          2 cup Basmati or Normal Rice
          1 medium bowl of fresh vegetable chopped (Bean, Carrot, Potato, Cauliflower, Green Peas)
          1 onion, 2 green chillies, 1 tomato (chopped)
          3tbsp coriander leafs, 2tbsp Pudina
          1tbsp ginger garlic paste, 1tbsp red chilli powder, 1/2tbsp turmeric, 1/2tbsp garam masala, 1/2tbsp coriander powder
          Few drops of food color
          Oil and Salt as per taste

          For Tempering
          1/2tbsp mustard seeds
          4 dry red chillies
          4 bay leafs (tez patta)
          2 cardamom (broken in to 2 piecse)

          Cooking Method
          In a broad pan, add oil, mustard, bay leafs, cardamom, and dry red chillies. When they splutter, add ginger garlic paste, onion and saute to lite brown. When the onion is done add green chillies, fresh vegetable and salt, saute for few seconds, and then add tomato, spices, mix it and cook for 1 minute. After that add the rice, food color, salt and water as per requires. Mix all together gently, cover the lid and bring to boil. Open the lid, after the water is absorbed, mix it one more time very gently, low the flame and cover the lid and cook to complete.
          Serve hot with Raita....

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