Sunday, May 22

Plain Toor Dal (Yellow Lentil Curry)

Toor dal has a mild, nutty flavor and is cooked as a routine Indian dish. Toor dal is highly nutritious, high in protein, and contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Cooking this dal is very very easy.. If you are in hurry or dont have enough time to cook anything, then this dal is the best option to cook and serve with Rice or Roti. It  taste also delicious when we give tadka of Green chilli and Garlic clove's.. I love cooking this version of dal because it takes minimum time... Here is the recipe!!!!

1cup toor dal
1/2tbsp turmeric, 1/2tbsp cumin seeds
2green chilly, 3 garlic cloves, Finely cut
Salt and Oil to taste.
2cup water

Cooking Method
In a pressure cooker, add dal, turmeric, salt and water. close the lid and cook for 3 whistle, 1 in high flame and other 2 in low flame. remove from the stove and keep it aside, In a small frying pan add oil, green chilly, garlic cloves and cumin seeds, when they start turning in to golden brown, add it to boiled dal, and simmer dal for 5 to 6 minute's. 
Serve with plain hot Rice with little ghee on top.


Ms.Chitchat said...

Perfect comfort food,would love to have this simple version with garam rotis.

Umm Mymoonah said...

Perfect comfort dish with both roti's and rice which we can enjoy it anytime of the year.

Nandini said...

That dal's so comforting and lovely! Appetizing one!

Vimitha Anand said...

My comfort food... Love to have this with white rice and potato roast

Priya said...

I can survive for many days with this super delicious dal,truly comforting..

Treat and Trick said...

Simple and nutritious!

SravsCulinaryConcepts said...

very comforting and delicious dal !!

Vardhini said...

Truly comforting and love this simple dal.


Sharmilee! :) said...

Sure anytime comfort with steamed hot rice

Prathibha said...

Simplicity at its best...just look super 2 hv it wid hot rice n ghee..

Aruna Manikandan said...

looks perfect and delicious :)

Plateful said...

Ahhh a bowl of comfort! And so beautifully presented!!

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