Monday, May 14

Coffee Banana Milkshake!!!

Coffee Banana Milkshake is the best milkshake which I have ever had. Last week my hubby wanted to have milkshake but he dint want plain banana or mango milkshake. He suggested to add some new flavor in taste by adding coffee and choco chips. I was not very sure about the taste as I had never tried that before so with a caution I took the risk and prepared the milkshake. The outcome was very refreshing and tasty as you can see yourself. Hope every one like my recipe...

2 cups milk
1 banana, cut in half
1tsp nescafe
1tsp choco chip
1/4 cup sugar
4 ice cubes

Add all the ingredients in the blender.
Mix in blender for 30 to 40 seconds.
Pour in your cups with crushed ice cubes.
Serve chilled.

Monday, May 7

The Health Benefits of Cumin

Cumin, a sweet and pungent spice, is widely used in many curries, spices and other dishes, particularly in the Indian subcontinent and Asian and Latin American countries. It also has many medicinal properties, primarily due to its antioxidant properties, as healers for thousands of years have used cumin to treat a variety of ailments. Here are some of the health benefits of cumin:

Digestion – Cumin contains a compound called Cumin-aldehyde which activates our salivary glands, which facilitates the digestion of our food, and Thymol, which helps secrete acids, bile, and enzymes for the digestion of food in the stomach and lower intestine. It also relieves you from gas troubles and stomachaches.
Insomnia – Due to its digestive aiding properties and high quantity of B vitamins, cumin helps with inducing a sound sleep. Also, the essential oils in cumin are believed to have a tranquilizing effect.
Respiratory Disorders and Colds – Cumin has anti-congestive properties to help those suffering from respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis. Also, the essential oils present in cumin act as disinfectants that fight viral infections that cause common colds. Cumin dries up excess mucus and stops conditions for cough formation.
Skin Disorders – Cumin has an abundance of vitamin E, which is important for healthy skin. Also, the essential oils have disinfectant and anti-fungal properties which help prevent microbial and fungal infections of the skin.
Immunity – The presence of iron, essential oils, and vitamins A and C help boost the immune system.
Cancer – Cumin helps prevent cancer, particularly cancer of the colon. This is due to its detoxifying and chemo-preventive properties, high concentration of anti-oxidants like vitamins A and C, and the presence of essential oil, which in addition to numerous other benefits, have anticarcinogenic properties as well.
Anemia – 100 grams of cumin contains five times the recommended daily requirement for an adult. Iron is the main constituent of hemoglobin in red blood cells. Hemoglobin transfers oxygen to the cells of the body, and a deficiency of hemoglobin causes anemia. Therefore, the high iron component of cumin helps people anemia.

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Saturday, May 5

Internet is fun on mobile!

In past few years mobile phone has transformed itself from just a phone device to a complete device which is capable of doing almost all the things which otherwise would require computer.As the technology has enabled mobile devices to access internet on the move using GPRS, 3G and 4G, it has also given many more reasons to users like me to be always connected to mobile.

Access of the internet on mobile has made life so interesting and exciting . Now I don't feel bore and sleepy while commuting to my office via bus everyday because using internet on my mobile I am able to check my office mails, my personal mails, read news papers , watch video and so on.

Now even on the move I am connected with my friends using fring (or gtalk) and able to chat with them without any need of computer. There is a very cool and interesting app which notifies if your friends are nearby you. With the help of this app couple of times it happened that I gave surprise to my friends by calling and telling them their location. They were surprised that how come I knew about it and they did all kind of guess work.

With so many games app available on mobile, the usage of phones has changed from a phone device to a gaming console. I do get updates/news about my favorite game's new version or the new popular game in the market without visiting any website or store.
Now I often use my mobile camera for capturing photos or moments and share with my friends instantly using apps. I don’t have to wait anymore for transferring pictures from mobile to computer and then share with friends. With Internet on my mobile it’s all so quick now. 

One of the best things I find using internet on mobile is that I have always access to GOOGLE. So in case of any doubt or any question about anything on this universe, I just Google it and get the answer. 
With the help of internet and apps on mobile it has all become so easy and exciting which otherwise I could have never experienced.

This post is submitted in contest hosted by IndiBlogger for Vodafone ( and I do use internet on Vodafone network. 
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