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@Bakasur- Eat-Drink & Enjoy

Bakasura, most of us would have  heard about this epic character from Mahabharata. Bakasura lived only for eating and following the same concept "BAKASUR" chain of restaurants is launched with its first branch at Namma Bangalore.

The place is quite well positioned in close vicinity to SEZ parks on outer ring road near Belandur (Location on google map). I happened to visit this place along with my friends in PoshVine's pre-launch dining experience at Bakasur and enjoyed being a part of "Bakasur". 
I like the big opened mouth picture of Bakasur at the entrance and many of you will agree with me. Tables are well spaced and you can be sure that your conversations are not being overheard by people sitting at next table. 
Warm greetings from staff and we decided our table and chose to sit at the corner near the cooking counter. I was quite hungry so without wasting any more time went directly to order food.

Menu was sort of limited but seems selectively created as most of items are unique in their name. We decided to go for drinks and few veg/non-veg starters to start with. 
Malai wala Lassi was a hit with its earthen pot serving and believe me it was big to fill your stomach. You must try if you are there. Hariyali murg kabab was quite tender and well cooked. We all enjoyed it and would love it eat again. 
I felt Gosht Kastoori tikka could have been better as it was bit overcooked. Mushroom Galauti & Tandoori Panja Prawn tasted average. 
Aloo Paneer til Bharwan was a disappointment. I wish they could have given more attention on the veg part. 
But nevertheless we enjoyed all the starters along with Lassi. 
With Starters and a big glass of lassi ‘the Bakasura’ inside us was bit calm now and we spent some time in chit-chat before going for the main course. 
In the main course, we tried mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Probably I have raised my expectation high after the starters which main course could only partially meet. 
Since I am bit oil conscious so could not eat palak puri as it was bit oily but for those who don’t mind oily stuff it’s worth a try. 
Mutton Bheja masala, is one unique item on menu which you won’t find everywhere.

Looking around the ambience, i think you will appreciate it too and would like to be there. Music was not too loud and was pleasant to ears but what I came to know is that they have Bakasur theme music which they have planned to play in coming days.

To summarize, in my opinion, ambience is very good, music is pleasant, well spaced tables, good staff, Lassi is must try. I wish they could improve a bit on their main course menu before my next dinner at Bakasur.


Gauri said...

Hey!! thanks for the review, I love the Bakasura pic as well. Looks like an interesting place, must drop in soon!

Vanitha said...

hey we have good fun and perfect review...

Ice Cream Display said...

Thank you for sharing this link,i like photos for the dish........


Unknown said...

well atleast enticed by the name I pulled couple of my friends hoping for a sumptuous dinner. I had big hopes given the name that atleast we will be treated with a plethora of options and that too in truly bakasura style of dining . Least did I expect that I would be disappointed with both! Only keeping ├╝ber high priced menu and fancy names for ye dishes won't help in getting repeated visitors! Frankly, the only thing that stood out was Lassi ( even though it didn't deserve a price tag of 150 bucks). We ordered four starters and couple of drinks .. I seriously wish I could have written some good reviews.. alas!! disappointed!! Hope they match quality, quantity with the price tag they have kept..

Rumana Ambrin said...

@UnknownThanks for leaving comment..I too felt that price was very on the higher side but I was told that pricing might be change from 1st Aug onwards when it fully opens. I too like the Lassi and main course was disappointing.
I wish they would take customer feedback and act on. Keeping finger crossed!!!

Robertokcm said...

hey we have good fun and perfect review...

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