Monday, February 4

Chocolate & Cinnamon Bread Rolls!!!

Chocolate and Cinnamon Rolls. This is my new innovations and it was very good try, i was very happy with the result, and it was looking beautiful and soft. Actually i have used less sugar and less chocolate to have it with honey, i felt this was tasting good with less sugar as it less in calories. Next time i really want to try with little more sugar and chocolate to see how it taste.. I served this for next day breakfast it was just tasting very yummy.. Here is the recipe.

Preparation time- 2h 40minutes
Baking time- 30 to 35minutes

For the dough
1/2cup Warm milk
1tsp Sugar
1tsp Active dry yeast(I used Gloripan Yeast)
1 1/2cup All purpose flour
1tbsp Butter(soft at room temperature)
2tbsp Milk + a couple of tbsp to brush over the bread.

For the filling
1/2 cup grated chocolate or Choco chip
1tsp cinnamon powder.

Baking Method
In a small bowl, dissolve the sugar and the yeast in the 1/2 cup of warm milk. Keep aside for about 5 minutes till the yeast mixture bubbles up.
Put flour and softened butter in a large bowl mix.
Then add the yeast mixture and the 2tbsp of milk and knead till you have a soft, smooth and elastic/ pliable dough which is not sticky. Add a little extra flour if your dough is sticking, but only just as much as is necessary.
Shape the dough into a ball and place it in a well-oiled bowl, turning the dough to coat it completely with oil. Cover and let it rise for about 1 1/2 hours or until almost double in volume.
Dust your work surface lightly with flour. Deflate the dough, shape it into a square and roll the dough out into a larger square that is about 12’ by 12”. Brush the surface of the square with the melted butter. Evenly sprinkle the chocolate and cinnamon powder.
Then fold the dough slowly from top to end.

Using a sharp knife, cut straight down through the folded dough dividing it into 10 equal pieces (10 round stacks).
Grease and lightly flour the round cake tin. And arrange the rolls in a tin, leaving some space in between.
Cover the cake tin rolls with a towel and allow them to rise for an hour. Lightly brush some milk over the top and sprinkle some sugar from top.
Bake the dough at 180C (350F) for about 30 to 35 minutes. Until it is done and the top is golden brown.
Chocolate and Cinnamon Rolls are ready. Serve as you like.


Arthy Suman said...

I love chocolate and cinnamon the aroma of cinnamon...

Julie said...

mouthwatering flavors,yummy!!
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divya said...

Looks delicious and fingerlicking good.

Vimitha Anand said...

Ooooh so very tempting dear... Would love to come over

Suja Manoj said...

Love the addition of chocolate too,tempting

Shailaja Reddy said...

Different combo. Looks soft rolls.

Swathi Iyer said...

Delicious soft rolls I love homemade bread.

Chandrani said...

Wow...very soft, flavorful and yummy bread.

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Rumana Ambrin said...

@Arthy Suman
U r right the aroma is simply awesome..

Rumana Ambrin said...

Thanks dear..

Rumana Ambrin said...

Thanks dear..

Rumana Ambrin said...

@Vimitha Anand
You are most well come..

Rumana Ambrin said...

@Suja Manoj
Thanks dear..

Rumana Ambrin said...

@Shailaja Reddy
Thanks dear..

Rumana Ambrin said...

@Swathi Iyer
Thanks dear..

Rumana Ambrin said...

Thanks dear..

Kalpana Sareesh said...

so tempting nicely prepared

Divya Pramil said...

That looks super soft and yum :) Good one dear!!

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Rolls look great and love the chocolate cinnamon filling..

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