Wednesday, October 1

Banana And Dates MilkShake.

After coming back from India 2 weeks before, I have become so lazy to do any work and after 4 years of my marriage this was my first trip to my mom's place all by myself and leaving my hubby alone at home. It was very difficult for me to go leaving him here but I did it for 23days and after that I just could not stay one more day ... This was the first time I went to stay with my patents because of that my mom kept me like a princess. I use to be awake whole night chatting with my sisters and sleep till 2 o'clock in the afternoon and no tension of what to cook or to do any work. Mom use to get tea and breakfast for me on my bed, and she use to cook all my favourite dishes everyday. and I use to feel bad for my hubby also that he has to cook everything by himself, but what to do sometime it is ok to think about ourself too. In all this pampering I dint even realise how this 23 days went...Now after 2 weeks also I'm feeling difficult to get back into my old life and if I want to get back then this is the first thing I should start writing my blog. This also took me 2 weeks to write but fine I know once I start I will not stop :)

Lets come to the recipe which I had made this long time back and posting it now..To make this Banana and dates milkshake the main reason was to finish the dates which my H had got in bulk and I was bored of eating just like that. Just to finish that dates fast I started making this Milkshake and I became a fan of it and this has become my regular milkshake when ever I have dates at home and it just need 3 ingredients to make this milkshake and the result is simply delicious.. One glass of this milkshake can keep you fill for a long time..

1 large banana
15 dates (without seeds)
1 glass of cold milk
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (optional)

Making Of Milkshake.
In juicer jar add all the above ingredients and grind it to smooth shake.
Pour into glasses and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Serve chilled.


Ramya Venkateswaran said...

My fav milk shake

Julie said...

healthy shake :)

nandoos Kitchen said...

yummy milkshake..

Rafeeda AR said...

awesome combination... it's good to hear you had a relaxing break... :)

Priya Suresh said...

Wonderful to hear that you had a fabulous time at ur parent's place.. Shake looks fabulous,one of my fav.

Rashida Shaikh said...

Beautiful leopard print stole and of course, the whole post is full of goodness. Good to hear you had a great stay and I had this milkshake during Ramadan, but unfortunate to click, they are truly addictive.

Angie Schneider said...

The milkshake looks very tasty!

Jayanthi Sindhiya said...

Ahhh,a healthy milkshake Iam going to make today

Sreevalli E said...

Healthy & yummy milkshake.

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