Thursday, April 16

Mix Vegetable Korma/ Coconut Base Vegetable Stew.

Mixed vegetable korma is a coconut based vegetable stew that is served as a side dish along with roti not only that, it goes well with one pot meals such as pulaos, biryanis and dosas as well. You can find this korma in almost all the vegetarian restaurants in India. There are several version of making veg or non-veg korma, but I find this is easy to cook as this requires no grinding of any masala. I have used coconut milk into this curry, you can even use freshly grated coconut to enhance the flavour. Do try this korma and enjoy with Paratha, Roti or Dosa.

2 cups of chopped mix veggie's (carrot, cauliflower, potato, green peas, beans)
1 onion, 3 green chillies, thinly sliced
2tbsp tomato paste
1/2tsp turmeric, 1tsp coriander powder, 1/2tsp garam masala
1tsp ginger garlic paste
1/2tsp mustard seeds
1cup coconut milk
1 green cardomom
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
1 spring of curry leaves
2tbsp oil
Salt to taste.

Cooking Method.
Boil the veggies with bit of salt and set it aside. Heat a deep frying pan with oil. Add star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and sauté till the aroma arises. Now add mustard seeds, curry leaves and let it splutter.
Add onions, green chillies and sauté till the onions turns translucent. Now add tomato paste, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, coriander powder, garam masala, salt and mix well and fry for another 2 to 3 minutes.
Now add the coconut milk and enough water to the consistency you prefer the korma to be and mix well and cook over low flame. Let it come to a boil.
Add the par boiled vegetables, give it a quick stir, check the consistency of the korma now and add more water if necessary. Close the pan with a lid and cook over medium low flame for 7-10 mins.
Serve hot with Rice, chapathi, poori or parotta.

Tuesday, April 14

Egg Roll (Indian Street Food)

Egg roll is a very famous snack in India especially in Kolkata. This is quick and easy recipe saves a lot of time and gives you the fabulous experience of street food at home with lot of love and healthy touch. Even this rolls can be cooked with left over chapaties and can be deep fried to.. This is my favourite snacks when it is cooked at home :)

2 cooked roti's
2 Eggs
1 medium onions thinly sliced
1 small tomato thinly sliced
2 Green chillies finely chopped
1/4tsp pepper powder
1/2tsp lemon juice
Chaat Masala (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying.

Cooking Method. 
In a mixing bowl beat an egg with a pinch of salt and pepper.
Heat oil in a pan and add the egg. Quickly place the cooked rotis on the wet egg mixture so that it sticks well. Keep dizzling oil and cook well on both sides.
In a mean while mix sliced onions,tomato, chillies and lime juice.
Place the egg paratha, ( egg side up) in a plate. Place the onion mixture in the centre, sprinkle a pinch of salt and chaat masala. 
Roll tightly and serve hot with Tomato Ketchup.

Monday, April 13

Rice Bhakri/ Akki Roti..

Rice Bhakri is very popular in coastal part of Maharashtra. It is made using rice flour and It goes really well with veg or non veg curries. I had a very bad experience making this bhakri first time, but I did not gave up, I kept trying and trying. Finally after 2 attempts they came out very well and tasted also very good with chicken and potato and green peas curry. 

1 cup rice flour
1 cup water
1/4 tsp salt.

Cooking Method.
Bring water to a rolling boil. Add salt and rice flour, mix well until no lumps remain. Turn the heat off. Knead the dough while still hot until it gathers into a soft pliable dough like a chapati dough.
Heat a tava on medium. Once heated, turn the heat to low.
Divide the dough into 2 inch balls and keep them covered under a damp cloth or a paper towel.
Spread some rice flour on the rolling board. Place a ball in the center and sprinkle more flour on top. Keep rolling the ball with the rolling pin into a thin circular disc of even thickness.
Transfer onto the heated tava with the top surface up and cook the bhakri both the side.
Follow rest of the method same as above.
Serve hot with any Sabji or Chicken, Mutton curry.

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