Sunday, December 25

Tata Hexa Experience!!

After hearing from my bloggers friend about #HexaExperience in other cities across the country, I was quite eagerly waiting for it to happen in Bangalore as well. There was lot of hope build up and expectations were very high from this event. Finally got a invite from Indiblogger about this and the event was set in white Orchid, Inside Manyata Tech park, Nagawara, Bangalore on 24 Dec 2016.

The event was well organised with lot of happening around "something for everything". 
In the centre, was the car itself "HEXA" displayed and it was looking just amazing. There was lot of enthusiasm among people to know about the features of the car. 
On first look, the front grill is awesome. The curves on bonnet are so well designed that they give a feeling of power this vehicle can demonstrate. In my opinion it is one of the best things TATA has done in designing the front look of the car along with sophisticated grills.

Under the hood it comes with 2.2 L Vericor engine which can harness 156 PS@4000 rpm and has 400NM of torque. I could feel the this power and torque in off road experience itself. Based on the road condition and vehicle position, vehicle decides the power distribution and it made it look so easy to pass through those tough off road terrain.
However I would have preferred and liked it more if all parts inside bonnet including engine were covered with one piece of frame or plastic. It looked bit cluttered to me inside bonnet.
The vehicle comes in both manual transmission as well in automatic transmission which can be quite helpful in city driving.The Interiors of the vehicle are of good quality( I am not sure, if its same interior quality for all variants or it was only for high end model - don't forget to check if you are interested in buying one ).19" Alloy wheel which comes in high end variant is superb looking and simply compliment the overall look of the vehicle and provides stability and good grip on the road.

There are other tons of features including excellent infotainment system from Harman with powerful speakers, touch display, Aux, Bluetooth, USB, Navigation support. I think in long drives, you will not be disappointed playing with infotainment system. But I felt bit of delay in touch response while using infotainment system which is something can be further improved in order to deliver awesome feeling with whole infotainment usage. Coming to off road experience, I had first of such rides to experience. From going over high hill ,mud, uneven slopes, angular drive , it all went so smooth that you can hardly feel that the terrain is so tough to drive. There are various modes of drive in 'rough mode', 'hill climb' etc. which assist overall drive and make it a effortless driving experience.
Though the prices are not yet disclosed, but I was being told that it could range between Rs. 12L-18L range. #HexaExperience is certainly going to be appreciated by many people and I wish all the best for the success of the car.


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