Tuesday, January 15

Dahi Baingan | Eggplant In Yogurt | Rumana's UK Kitchen

One of the Easy and tasty egg plant recipes, is made with few aromatic spices and yogurt base gravy, which will make you feel wanting more and more of it. This dish can be made even without using onion and garlic. But do try out my version and i promise you and your family will love it.. X
Can be served with Roti, Naan or Vegetable Pulao.

Click on the link below for the Video Recipe.


Angie Schneider said...

This looks so good! I have never made eggplants this way..fascinating!

Shiju Sugunan said...

This certainly should be delish. I will try!

Rumana Ambrin said...

Thanks dear.. x

Rumana Ambrin said...

Indeed Shiju. It taste really very yummy . Plz Do try and let me know.. x

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