Blogging Guide -I

Blog Creation

1> Selecting Blog Platform

I am sure you can find many blogging platforms which offer to start blog free of cost. But in selecting any of the platforms, one very important thing is the support of the widgets and plug-ins. Since I didn’t have any knowledge of web programming so it was very critical for me to ensure that blogging platform should have support for variety of free widgets which I can directly place on my blog without any hassle. 
After few days of effort to research various platforms and their popularity with other bloggers, I narrowed down 2 options 
Both of them are very popular and support various free and easily available widgets on internet. I choose to go ahead with BlogSpot, as I found it be easy to start with and could easily find lot of help on internet. 

2> Creating account & Blog Name

One of the easiest but still most difficult (at least for me) thing was to decide on blog name and URL. So be prepared with a nice and unique name for your blog and URL before you start account creation. Usually many blogger’s keep both (blog name and URL) same. BlogSpot offer’s provision to buy that name later if you wish so. 
Eg: Blog Name - Spice Ur Senses 
Blog URL: 

Caution while choosing name – Whatever name you decide, make sure you don’t have to change that later because once after putting effort in blogging you become known by that name only. So changing name or URL may cost lot of time and effort to make your blog popular again. 

3> Selecting Theme and Blog Appearance

Good!!! So now you are all set and ready to start working on your blog. BlogSpot offers design page, where you can select the template for your blog. It’s a bit of time taking activity because you really want to try with many available templates before selecting one for your blog. Once you have decided on the look and feel of template then rest is very easy and it’s straight forward.

On the design page, you can find “add a gadget”. Pressing this will take you to list of option; from there you can select the desired widgets which you want to place on your blog. E.g.: Follower’s list, Blog archive, HTML code...

Once selected, you can shuffle the positions of any of the widgets by keeping mouse press and dragging the widgets to the desired place.
So, now you are ready to write your first great post and share with everybody.

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